A complete guide to ⚡AMP templates in Ghost

Ghost ships with a clean, simple AMP template which works with just about any site, but wouldn't it be nice if you could customise it to make it perfectly match your theme and your brand? Well you can! Read on: How does AMP work in Ghost? AMP doesn't need to be enabled in Ghost, it's… Read More

Get your theme ready for 0.8.0

Ghost 0.8.0 is set to land soon, and with it come a few breaking changes to how the theme API works. These changes come from upgrades to the underlying handlebars and express-hbs libraries. As the changes affect rare use cases, they should not impact on many themes. This post is a guide on… Read More

Localising dates in Ghost themes

Ghost, by default, outputs dates in English using the timezone of the server hosting your blog. Although there are no settings inside of Ghost for changing this, it is possible to change both the language and the timezone used to output dates in your theme using jQuery, moment.js and moment.js timezone. In the… Read More

No more jQuery in {{ghost_foot}}

The time has come to remove jQuery from the {{ghost_foot}} helper. Ghost's {{ghost_foot}} helper has provided a local copy of jQuery since the very first release of Ghost. At the time, it seemed like having easy access to jQuery would be beneficial for the majority of theme developers - making it something worth… Read More

Make Your Theme Multi-User Ready

We're into the final stages of preparing for releasing Ghost 0.5. The second Release Candidate has been published, and we've announced our plan to release on Monday 11th August. Unlike the last major release, this time I wanted to give theme developers a heads-up on what's changing in advance. Ghost 0.5 has largely… Read More