Release Candidate for 0.4.2

The release candidate for 0.4.2 is now available and ready for testing. We appreciate as many people as possible grabbing the RC and taking it for a spin so that we can iron out any kinks. We have a special issue open for tracking testing. You can download the pre-built zip file from… Read More

Closing 0.4.1 & Kicking Off 0.5.0

Since launching 0.4 two weeks ago, there has been a pretty hectic 0.4.1 maintenance cycle in progress. Many and various bugs were pulled from the backlog, and several important new issues were raised and added from changes made in 0.4. As a result, 24 bugs are now sat on the 0.… Read More

Milestone 0.4 Complete

It has been a long slog, there have been 374 commits (not including merges) since we released 0.3.3 almost 3 months ago, but the milestone is closed and 0.4 is finally here! Ghost 0.4 - Aton - is here! Opening Ghost up to public contributions has been fantastic. The hard work,… Read More