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Public Dev Meeting July 21st

Quick Summary

Numerous bug fixes, improvements to the user experience, and progress towards getting the API ready.

Progress Report


  • Numerous bug fixes - #5559, #5554, #5581, #5590, #5577, #5558
  • API option handling - #5516
  • Additional attributes to the {{foreach}} helper - #5497
  • Update to the contributers list for the releases to be top contributers the last 90 days rather than all time - #5562


  • Update a few page styles/layouts - #5555, #5542
  • Onboard flow allows edit of blog details - #5543
  • Don't allow image upload on setup if using non-persistant storage - #5575

Priority Issues


  • A PR is in progress to complete the middleware refactor that has been a priority for the last few weeks - #5566
  • Ghost is hiring! - https://ghost.org/careers/

Full details:

The full logs of the meeting can be found in our Slack logs.

What is this?

We hold a public development meeting pretty much every Tuesday at 5:30pm London time in the #ghost channel on Ghost's slack. In this meeting we discuss progress, important issues, and what is and isn't on the Roadmap. It's a chance for everyone to get involved and have their say about where Ghost goes next.

Hope to see you at next week's meeting: Tuesday 28th July, 5:30pm London time.

David Balderston

David Balderston

David is the Open Source Community Lead. He runs the weekly dev meetings, helps with documentation, and hangs out in Slack to help others as problems arise. Also writes on

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