Ghost 0.11.5

Ghost 0.11.5 is now available on GitHub, npm and Highlights [Improved] Session handling has been tweaked meaning a poor net connection or leaving the admin open should no longer result in random logouts [Fixed] Timezone config could be accidentally overwritten causing published dates to appear incorrect [Fixed] Deleting all content now… Read More

2017 is gonna be awesome!

There's been an unmistakable sense of tumbleweed in the air round here over the past month or so. Fear not, it is a sign of great things to come 👻 Perhaps the biggest representation of that is our new Ghost for Journalism program, which we launched today! Activity on the public repos is always just a… Read More

Ghost 0.11.4

Ghost 0.11.4 is now available on GitHub, npm and The main contents are the removal of Node v0.12 support and the new redirects feature. Highlights [New] ✨ Define redirects as JSON file [New] ✨ Make AMP optional [Removed] ⬇️ Node v0.12.x support - Node v0.12 is no longer maintained [Fixed]… Read More

Introducing nconf for configuration

It seems these blog posts have become a Friday thing 😁 . Although it wasn't the original plan, Friday posts make for a more standard week. We're going to try to get into more of a rhythm and aim for lunch time 🍴. Any thoughts or questions? Let us know in the comments 📢 What's occurring? Whilst our public… Read More