TWiG: Progress report on Ghost 1.0

We've been remiss in providing updates here for the last few weeks whilst we've been super busy shipping weekly alpha builds of Ghost 1.0. After some discussions about the format of updates, John & I thought it would be fun to experiment with providing them in the form of a podcast. And so here… Read More

Ghost 0.11.7

Ghost 0.11.7 is now available on GitHub, npm and 0.11.7 contains a fix for a pretty awful custom template bug we shipped in 0.11.6. We've been working on some gnarly issues with load times & timeouts to make Ghost LTS more stable. A key thing was changing… Read More

Ghost 0.11.6

Ghost 0.11.6 is now available on GitHub, npm and Warning 0.11.6 contains a bug with custom theme templates. We strongly advise against upgrading to 0.11.6, please wait for 0.11.7 (coming asap). Highlights [Improved] Subscriber: sanitize email [Improved] Refactored packages, apps and more [Fixed] Old accesstokens… Read More

Ghost 0.11.5

Ghost 0.11.5 is now available on GitHub, npm and Highlights [Improved] Session handling has been tweaked meaning a poor net connection or leaving the admin open should no longer result in random logouts [Fixed] Timezone config could be accidentally overwritten causing published dates to appear incorrect [Fixed] Deleting all content now… Read More