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Ghost 0.11.11

Ghost 0.11.11 is now available on GitHub, npm and This is primarily a bugfix and 1.0 migration preparation release. Highlights [New] Forwards compatibility has been added for Ghost 1.0 themes to allow for smoother upgrades [Improved] Protections against invalid dates in imports were added - previously it was possible… Read More

Ghost 0.11.10

Ghost 0.11.10 is now available on GitHub, npm and This is predominantly a bug-fix release for LTS whilst we work towards the imminent 1.0 release. Highlights [Fixed] saving a slug in the post settings menu no longer results in an incorrect error stating "someone else is editing this post" [Fixed]… Read More

Ghost 0.11.5

Ghost 0.11.5 is now available on GitHub, npm and Highlights [Improved] Session handling has been tweaked meaning a poor net connection or leaving the admin open should no longer result in random logouts [Fixed] Timezone config could be accidentally overwritten causing published dates to appear incorrect [Fixed] Deleting all content now… Read More

Ghost 0.9.0

Ghost 0.9.0 is now available on GitHub, npm and Ghost 0.9.0 contains the long-awaited scheduled posts feature among other new features and bug fixes. Highlights [New] Scheduled posts - tell Ghost to publish your post sometime in the future 🕑 [New] Configurable blog timezone - super important for making scheduled… Read More