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A new developer area for

We've always had a big download page for developers on - but for the first few years of Ghost's life it was only linked in our navigation after logging in to the site. This was an effort to grow the Ghost community and encourage more people to sign up with their email address… Read More

Beta testers wanted for Ghost Desktop app

Last month we talked about how we'd started working on a desktop application for Ghost. This month I'm thrilled to share the first beta release of the new application, which we very much want to get some beta testers for! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive a lot of support for Ghost since its… Read More

Can you help us build a native desktop Ghost app?

Since Ghost started, we’ve always been very passionate about dedicating all of our time and efforts to building for the web. In the last couple of years, though, we’ve watched as the technology available for creating native desktop apps with web-views have evolved from primitive, to really-quite-impressive. Towards the end of last year,… Read More