Public Dev Meeting 27th September

Quick Summary New installer for Ghost and a new editor. Also released 1.0.0-alpha.2. Progress Report Fixes for theme upload feature - #7424, #7430 Moving from Grunt to Gulp - #7407, #7428, #7439 Work towards the new editor - #7437, #291 Bug fixes and code improvements - #7446, #7434, #7422, #288, #277, #283 Discussion New blog post on why Ghost dropped postgres support… Read More

Dropping Support for PostgreSQL

Adding a long-term support strategy for Ghost v0.11, and focusing on an all new, backwards-incompatible Ghost v1.0 has given us an exciting opportunity to fix some our biggest development pain points. PostgreSQL support was added organically by several contributors who showed up in the early days, raised bugs, fixed bugs, got a build added to travis, and did QA to ensure that Postgres… Read More

Ghost 1.0 & LTS

Exactly 3 years ago to the day, we released the very first version of Ghost (v0.3) to Kickstarter backers. It was basic and it was flawed in many ways, but it was beautiful and it got us to where we are now. Today, we're announcing a huge milestone of Ghost v1.0-alpha, and Ghost v0.11-LTS. This represents the end of the road for… Read More

Public Dev Meeting 20th September

Quick Summary Released 0.11.0 and working towards the 1.0.0 alpha release. Progress Report AMP improvements - #7370, #7374, #7353 Re-run migration for those who ran into database problems when upgrading to 0.10.0 - #7323 Theme upload improvements - #7380, #7367, #7368, #262 Hide internal tags in meta data or rss - #7379, #7385 Prep for 1.0.0-alpha release… Read More

Ghost 0.11.0

Ghost 0.11.0 is now available on GitHub, npm and This release contains mostly bug fixes, with an important data migration for blogs that didn't have their dates migrated correctly during the 0.9.0 upgrade. Highlights [Fixed] Typing a space in the search bar no longer completes the search 🔍 [Fixed] Date migrations for sqlite3/postgres blogs that were running in UTC… Read More